The Most Unsettling Fishing Board Game Ever Created

Deep Regrets is a game for 1-5 adults about reeling progressively more horrifying things out of the ocean. Manage your madness, push your luck, and say your prayers as you set sail for the eldritch deep.

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Insane Variety & Replayability

130 unique fish (and fish-adjacent things) are out there waiting for you in the depths, each more bizarre than the next. What will you reel in?

A Sea Gone Mad

Deep Regrets draws inspiration from Lovecraft, Scooby Doo and everything in-between. It's set in an alternate history Europe where Hollow Earth theory and folklore come to life in unique, disturbing and darkly humorous ways.

Contains references to alcohol use and mental health conditions

Push your luck and push out to sea

Anglers compete to catch the most valuable haul of fish at game's end while avoiding having the most Regret cards.

  • Inspect shadow sizes to gauge fish difficulty
  • Pick a shoal, flip over the top card and spend tackle dice to catch it
  • Drop sinkers to reach deeper depths and more dangerous (but valuable) fish
  • Take a Dink card any time to fail to catch a fish


Flount your flotsam

Caught something you're particularly proud of? Head back to port and slap it up on the wall. Your mounted fish will be worth more points – but beware! The player with the most Regrets at game's end will have to discard one or more of their mounted fish!


Equip Your Hardened Angler With Weird Gear

You'l need to head back to port occasionally to sell fish and resupply. You can pick up rods, reels, supplies and single-use tackle dice to aid in your fishing ventures, but it means sacrificing a crucial day at sea.

In a pinch your lifeboat will get you back to port, but you may regret using it.

Suppress Your Regrets

Life at sea is hard. You'll have to do some things you regret to get by. As your regrets build, you decline into madness - unlocking new opportunities but putting yourself a risk of suffering serious losses.

Madness brings freedom and misery. The more insane you become, the more dice you can use to fish. It also affects the values of fair and foul fish for sales and scoring. It's a tricky balance that can pay big rewards, but at game's end the player with the most Regrets will lose one or more of their mounted fish.

Hand-Inked Artwork

Over 160 detailed illustrations drawn in ink and hand-colored in Procreate by the creator, Judson Cowan. No AI was used at any stage in the creation of the game, we're passionate about art and human endeavors.

An Epic Solo Expedition

Set sail on a solo ecological survey to catch and catalog all 117 fish in the sea in a campaign spanning multiple games. Use the spoils from your catches to permanently unlock new equipment you can use in future games. All the while, you're building a guide that can be used in multiplayer games to help identify fish!

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The launch is creeping ever closer! Be first to know when the Kickstarter launches!

About the Company

We're a small, independent design/development and publishing studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our previous game, Hideous Abomination, has sold over 6,000 copies on Kickstarter and beyond.

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